At Height Access Solutions Ltd you can be sure that your employees and contractors have a safe means of access whilst working at height, whatever the task. We are able to provide Access Ladder Solutions for most building types with our wide range of ladders which suit different site requirements – from individual homes or large commercial properties right up through architecturally significant buildings such as hospitals and airports.

Why fall protection?

Falls from height are one the leading causes of serious injury and death at work. Analysis of all industrial accidents usually highlights inappropriate working conditions as a principal factor. In the case of work at height the consequences are immediate and serious, resulting in major disability or death. Approximately one in seven work place fatalities are due to a fall from height.

What the Law says

According to the European directive 89-686, the employer or company responsible must put fall protection measures in place for persons working at height. The employer should try to minimise the risk through design or engineering controls and provide measures to prevent falls. If this is not feasible then other protective measures should be considered, such as personal fall protection equipment and systems

Which system is the correct one?

Various systems are available in the market and they differ in their design and application significantly. Safety features, functions, handling and ease of use, should all be evaluated. Additionally; durability, maintenance costs and long- term value should be assessed in order to select the best system.

In all cases, fall protection systems should be designed for each specific application. This will minimise the risk of a fall from height and maximise the efficiency of the work being carried-out.

Our range of ladders:

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